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Upcoming Seminars

6/10/24-6/12/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
City of Sharon Police Department
6/24/24-6/26/24 SHARP Instructor Cert
Allegheny County Academy
8/5/24-8/7/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Mansfield Academy
8/12/24-8/14/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
9/3/24-9/5/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
9/9/24-9/11/24 Edged Weapon Countermeasures Instructor Cert
Allegheny County Police Academy
9/11/24-9/13/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
IUP Police Academy, Indiana, PA
10/7/24-10/9/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
10/21/24-10/23/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Bucks County Academy
12/16/24-12/18/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Mansfield Academy
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Meet Jack Leonard...

Staff Instructor Jack Leonard provides subject control training for both law enforcement officers and military personnel. He also provides certification instruction in various civilian courses.

PPCT Training

Mr. Leonard teaches PPCT courses at both the Instructor level and the Basic level. PPCT is a research based training organization that emphasizes the importance of stimulus-response training and the use of gross motor skills whenever possible. The research is conducted in three areas, Tactical, Legal, and Medical. Tactical research answers two questions. First, do the techniques relate to the tasks the officer is required to perform? And second, can the officers learn and retain the techniques for use in the field? Legal research uses court cases to ensure the techniques follow legal guidelines. And finally, Medical research evaluates the medical implications of applying the techniques. Mr. Leonard conducted two research projects for PPCT; one examined two methods of practicing physical skills, and the second was a medical evaluation of the techniques present in the Defensive Tactics program.

News & Articles

2022 Initial Instructor Certification Seminars (11/8/21)
The PPCT Instructor Certification Seminars currently listed on the calendar indicate the seminar offerings for 2022 as of 11/9/21
PPCT's Presentation Booklet (10/5/20)
A new workbook developed to accompany PPCT's newest visual presentation of 300 slides that cover the academic presentation for its TPR/Use of Force Instructor Seminar.
Numerous Changes (3/7/20)
A recent visit to the headquarters for PPCT in Columbia, IL, revealed a number of changes to their lineup of courses.
Warriors (1/11/18)
Over the years many individuals have seen fit to deny that law enforcement personnel in general and police officers in particular should not be described as warriors.
Violent Patient Management (1/11/18)
Violent Patient Management Instructor is a certification course that was developed to deal with higher levels of resistance than traditional passive restraint techniques could handle.
Violent Patient Management School (1/11/18)
Violent Pateient Management Instructor School added to the 2011 Training Calendar.
Consistency in Training (1/11/18)
How do we ensure that the training received by the cadets and/or line officers is the same as that given the Staff Instructors, Associate Staff Instructors, Instructor/Trainers, and Instructors?
Time and Money (1/11/18)
When I initially became involved in law enforcement training, I was told on numerous occasions that the most important commodity with respect to training classes was time...
Debut of the "Red Scorpion Training" Site (1/11/18)
Deputy Director Dan Solla debuts his new law enforcement training web site.
2015 Instructor School Schedule (1/11/18)
2015 Instructor School Schedule and Price List are now available.
Recertification Seminar (1/11/18)
Great Turnout for DT Instructor Re-Certification Seminar
Masters (1/11/18)
When it comes to physical training, whether the arena is martial arts or law enforcement subject control, the definition of a master should be one of practical application.
New Instructor Certification (1/11/18)
During the week of 12/15, Jack became certified as a Staff Instructor in the newest PPCT Course, School Safety & Healthy Children.
Jack's Back (1/11/18)
Following a 6 year hiatus due to major surgery and adjustment problems with subsequent medications, Jack Leonard returned to full Staff Instructor status effective June of 2008
NO PUNCHES TO THE HEAD - Part 1 (1/11/18)
Veteran Instructors and new ones as well have heard since their first training course that we avoid strikes to the head when teaching subject control.
NO PUNCHES TO THE HEAD - Part 2 (1/11/18)
Continuing the discussion of the inadvisability of head-strikes when trying to subdue a subject.
Uniquely Dangerous Edged Weapon (1/11/18)
These photos show a knife that also functions as a firearm utilizing .22 long ammunition.
Staff Instructor Darrell Ross Named Department Chairperson (1/11/18)
This summer Dr. Ross was named Chairperson for the Department of Law Enforcement & Justice Administration at Western Illinois University.
Back to Basics (1/11/18)
Why are basics so good? If you have to get "back to basics," where have you been? How or why did you get away from basics in the first place?
PPCT is no longer the name of the most recognized Subject Control/Use of Force organization.
PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructors with our Fearless Leader (1/11/18)
PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructors with our Fearless Leader
PPCT Instructor Schedule for 2014 at Allegheny County Police Training Academy (1/11/18)
PPCT Instructor Schedule for 2014 at Allegheny County Police Training Academy
Untitled Document (1/11/18)

Self Defense for Women

Jack also provides training in the area of self-defense for women. Following the guidelines of PPCT's Sexual Harassment Assault & Rape Prevention (SHARP) course and the Mary Conroy Method of self-defense, Mr. Leonard's presentations combine prevention precautions with a minimal number of physical techniques. Because both PPCT and Conroy emphasize gross motor skills, the physical techniques can be quickly and easily mastered.