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Upcoming Seminars

3/4/24-3/6/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
3/11/24-3/13/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Bucks County Academy
3/18/24-3/20/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Carlisle Police Department
3/26/24-3/28/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Readiness Ctr., Duncansville, PA
4/1/24-4/3/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
4/22/24-4/26/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Cert
Allegheny County Police Academy
5/6/24-5/8/24 Ground Control Instructor Cert
Allegheny County Police Academy
5/13/24-5/17/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Cert
Bucks County Academy
6/24/24-6/26/24 SHARP Instructor Cert
Allegheny County Academy
8/5/24-8/7/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Mansfield Academy
8/12/24-8/14/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
PGH Technical College, Oakdale, PA
9/3/24-9/5/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
9/9/24-9/11/24 Edged Weapon Countermeasures Instructor Cert
Allegheny County Police Academy
9/11/24-9/13/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
IUP Police Academy, Indiana, PA
10/7/24-10/9/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
10/21/24-10/23/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Bucks County Academy
12/16/24-12/18/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Mansfield Academy
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Disruptive Student Management Instructor School - Reading

DSM Instructor Carl Britt and STAFF Instructor Jack Leonard

DSM Instructors David Britt, Carl Britt, Devin Edwards, and Barry Marchut

Disruptive Student Management Instructor School was hosted by the Reading School District during the week of 8/19/19. Safe Schools Director Barry Marchut was looking for a program that would help keep both students and faculty safe in the district. Carl Britt, one of his School Police Officers has been a Defensive Tactics Instructor with me since 1992. Officer Britt suggested the Human Factor Research Group (HFRG) program for Disruptive Student Management. I was brought in to conduct the seminar at:

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Britt’s Self Protection Training Studio
Britt’s Fighting Integrated Tactics
3 E Wyomissing Avenue
Mohnton, PA 19540

Threat Pattern Recognition/Use of Force Instructor Certification

These officers successfully completed a Threat Pattern Recognition/Use of Force Instructor Certification Seminar held at the Carlisle Police Department, Carlisle, PA the week of 9/18/17.

In an extraordinary showing, three of the officers had perfect scores on the written examination. In addition one officer missed just one question, two of them missed two, and one officer missed only five. With the exception of an Impact Weapon Instructor Seminar held at the Erie Police Department, this is the highest set of scores I have seen at one of my Instructor Schools It should be noted that the Impact Weapon Instructor examination has about thirty (30) fewer questions.

Dexter Herman Andrew Guarino Nate Reiser Kevin Solomon Fearless Leader Eric Schaffer Ken Nakagawa Brenda Hoffman

2015 Women's Self-Defense Class

Ladies with Jack following a Self Defense for Women class hosted by Kim Ransom, the owner and head instructor at Pittsburgh Gymnastics.
The short young lady in front did not participate!

2015 DT Instructor Re-Certification

THE 2015 DT INSTRUCTOR RE-CERTIFICATION was attended by eighteen officers. They came from local municipal departments, adult and juvenile county probation, and out of state departments including North Carolina, West Virginia, and even the province of Alberta, Canada. They received instruction in PPCT’s current DT program and were given an introduction to the organization’s latest seminar, Threat Pattern Recognition Firearms Instructor.

It is always rewarding to re-certify instructors, and some of them were returning for their fourth or fifth time. Such longevity reflects not only the continued relevance of our program but also the loyalty of our instructors and their respective departments.

The officers and STAFF Instructor Jack Leonard are as follows:

First Row
Ulrich Utt< Fearless Leader Tim Barnes Dan Schenk Colleen Ferguson Robert Pagane Bill Tomosky Kevin Kettler Amy Roenker Jim DeGori Ron Skillen Andrew Loveridge
Second Row
Christine Lisko Dave Salzlein Brandon Womack Craig Resnik Robert Tekavec Matt Immekus Chris Zevola

GAGE Seminar - 5/27/14

Pat Schwer Rob Safreed Ulrich Utt Kevin Kettler Jamie Cunningham Fearless Leader
Absent from photo: Dave Salzlein

Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Seminar - 3/26/12

Front Row
Fearless Leader Raymond Tutt Shawn Spinnenweber Dan Schenk Chief Gene Karch Ben Charles Kevin Kettler
Back Row
Henry Bussey Matt Immekus Brandon Womack Paul White Chris Kowalczyk Mike Anderson Chief Ulrich Utt

Violent Patient Management Instructor Seminar

Front Row
Nannette Long Cara-Lee Esplin Alysha Moore
Back Row
Kirk DeWitt Fearless Leader Damon Hoak Steven Hoffman

Ground Avoidance/Ground Escape Instructor Certification Seminar

From 8/23-8/25 of this year Staff Instructor Jack Leonard and Instructor/Trainer Dan Solla conducted a Ground Avoidance/Ground Escape Instructor Certification Seminar at Carlisle, PA. The seminar was hosted by the Carlisle Police Department. Jack and Dan are particularly appreciative of the coordinating efforts made by Sergeant Joseph Hogarth of that department.
Dan Solla Jack Leonard
Joseph Hogarth Michael Guido Keith Hicks Robert Selkirk Kristopher Rice Richard Gray


Each year the Allegheny County Police Training Academy hosts a group of instructor certification courses that not only provide alternative community relations programs but also enhance public safety. PPCT’s Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention (SHARP) Instructor Seminar is one such class.

SHARP provides training in three major areas. These are Sexual Harassment Defenses, Prevention Techniques, and Defensive Counter Strikes. With this approach, the program is geared to prevent physical confrontations through planning and awareness. However, should physical actions be required, the techniques follow PPCT’s Human Factors approach in instruction. The skills are based upon gross motor skills, and the skills are taught in a stimulus-response format.

The seminar participants this year included officers from two local universities, county adult probation officers, and officers from Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois.

Front Row
Fearless Leader Andrew Loveridge Donna Grossi James Pozen Lisa Elliott Gina Bugel
Back Row
Julie Casey Christa Sakowitz Michael Poluszejko Kirk De Witt David Davis


These seminars were conducted by Jack in May of 2009. Current Instructor/Trainers in Defensive Tactics wanted to expand their expertise to other areas of PPCT. The seminars were held at the Allegheny County Police Training Academy and included transitions to both Spontaneous Knife Defense (SKD) Instructor/Trainer and Ground Avoidance/Ground Escape (GAGE) Instructor/Trainer.

As a prerequisite, all participants not only had to be current in their Instructor/Trainer status, they also had to have Instructor level certification in the Instructor/Trainer Seminars they were to attend. This requirement ensures that participants already have a thorough background in the seminars they select, and that in turn allows the STAFF Instructor or Associate STAFF Instructor to concentrate on the I/T materials.

This set of seminars had an excellent mix as the participants included three from the Michigan Department of Corrections, one from Grove Services West (CA), and one from the Pittsburgh Police Academy.

Todd Dunn
Dave Pike
Kirk DeWitt
Lance Morrison
Grove Services West
Jack Leonard
Staff Instructor
Dave Wright
Pittsburgh PD

Defensive Tactics Instructor Seminar at ACPTA

1st Row: Rob Viglione, Shawn Shillingburg, Christine Lisko, Dhrista Sakowitz, John Schultz
2nd Row: Fearless Leader, Muke Zurcher, Mike Anderson, Ron DePellegrin, Kevin Kettler
3rd Row: Ulrich Utt, Bill Nunley, Richard List, Erich Wilson, Mark Lewis
Missing from photo: Paris Washington

GAGE Class Photo

This group of officers successfully completed the PPCT GAGE Instructor Seminar conducted September 5-7, 2007. The class was hosted by Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson; Chief Margeson has been a strong supporter of our classes and has hosted seminars there since the early 1990's.

1st Row: Mark Salvatore, Scott Lewis, Jim Hinkley, Mike McGovern, Chris Collare
2nd Row: Allan Griffin, Dan Solla, Fearless Leader, Matt Bryner, Mike Guido

SHARP Instructor Class, ACPTA

First row left to right: Janice Dean, Tina Bradley, Lisa Elliott
2nd row: Joel Misirian, Ron Bennett, Mike Abraham, Mike Poluszejko

Disruptive Student Management Instructor Class, ACPTA

Left to right: Dave Schwab, Roger Moore, Mike Shurina, Bob Loper, Joe Kozarian, Jim Schweinberg

DT Instructor Re-certification Seminar

Women's Self Defense class (Green Tree Boro)

Jack leading the class in the Fluid Shock Wave Drill
Successful conclusion of Wrist Grab Release
Practicing Hand Strikes
Practicing Eye Gouge
Kick to Shin
Knee Strike-striking pad is being held by DT and SKD Instructor, Federal Probation Officer Jeff Sciarrino

Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor, Allegheny County Police Academy, 9/18-9/23, 2007
From Left to Right: Darryl Guthrie, Darryl Sammartino, Paul Petras, Jon Rathfon, Mike Francis, Eric Croasmun, Glenn Hawkins, Ronnie Kalalau, and Fearless Leader

"Like a lot of beginning students, you attacked me wrong."
Bob, World Champion

Defensive Tactics Instructor, Chautauqua County Sheriff's Academy, 10/11-10/13, 2007.
First row: Greg Stolarski, Cory Higgins, Coogan Wilson
Second Row: Fearless Leader, Jim Rensel, Brian Melvin, Joel Budimirovich, Jim Quattrone, Mike Francis, Sharon Gunn, Carlos Turner