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Richard Mille Replica

The Richard Mille Replica was not born to channel the romance of flying, but for war. Die Wehrmacht magazine cover, 1940. "Their Bombs Make England Tremble"

The roots of this project date back to the year 1935 when Hitler declared his intention to revive the German air force or "Luftwaffe" despite the restrictions imposed on Germany after the World War I by the Versailles Treaty. Orders and specifications came from the Ministry of Aviation, or Reichsluftfahrtministerium (Replica Watches), the government department responsible for developing the Luftwaffe during the Third Reich.

RLM was also responsible for communications, anti-aircraft guns, and other similar material. Timepieces were therefore also under their jurisdiction. There was a particular need for accurate watches for bomber navigators. Charles Lindbergh and Longines modified the Weems timepiece design to reach its pinnacle.

The hour-angle indicator was not considered necessary. The resultant watch with hours/minutes/seconds was issued in two variants, Type A and Type B. IWC, uniquely, issued only the former, with Arabic numerals for each hour except 12. The design required the highest level of legibility at this position. A large upward-pointing triangle with dots on either side.

Type A dials are black and feature bold white indices. They also have white sweep seconds hands, sword hour and minute hands (Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Replica), or both. The hands had to be long because the watches were 55mm wide. The Richard Mille Replicaen features oversized crowns in various shapes, from serrated cylinders with straight sides to conical versions.

Wempe, Lange, and other companies also offered the Type B as pocket watches - this was logical as Richard Mille Replicaen used pocket watch movements. The dial's hour numerals were replaced with numbers 5-55, in five-minute increments, along with an inner chapter circle marked 1-12. This is the version IWC didn't adopt. The inner dial is printed here, not a separate disc like on a Lindbergh. It was there simply to show the hours.