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8/5/24-8/7/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Mansfield Academy
8/12/24-8/14/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
9/3/24-9/5/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
9/9/24-9/11/24 Edged Weapon Countermeasures Instructor Cert
Allegheny County Police Academy
9/11/24-9/13/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
IUP Police Academy, Indiana, PA
10/7/24-10/9/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Allegheny County Academy
10/21/24-10/23/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Bucks County Academy
12/16/24-12/18/24 TPR/Use of Force Instructor Re-Cert
Mansfield Academy
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John C. Leonard was graduated from North Allegheny High School in McCandless, PA in 1962. Following two years of active duty with the naval reserve, Mr. Leonard attended Point Park College in Pittsburgh, PA. Mr. Leonard was graduated from Point Park College in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He then attended the University of Pittsburgh from 1977 through 1979, where he was graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Administration of Justice.


John Leonard retired as a Parole Agent after more than twenty years with the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. During his law enforcement career he made over seven hundred fifty arrests and participated in hundreds of prisoner transports and extradition trips. He prosecuted parole violators at both state and county prisons.

In addition to his regular duties, Mr. Leonard assisted the Staff Development Division with training for both new and veteran agents. He provided statewide training in Defensive Tactics, Spontaneous Knife Defense, and SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention). Mr. Leonard also certified parole agents as PPCT instructors in these three areas.

John Leonard obtained his initial Defensive Tactics Certification from Smith and Wesson Academy in 1981. He became a PPCT Staff Instructor in 1990, and served in that capacity on PPCT's Executive Advisory Board until the spring of 2002. Mr. Leonard returned to the Executive Advisory Board as an Associate Staff Instructor in January of 2006. In addition to Instructor Schools in PPCT disciplines, he provides defensive tactics training for all cadets at the Allegheny County Police Academy, located just north of Pittsburgh, PA. He is court certified as an expert witness in use of force and in edged weapons.

Professional Certifications


  • Pressure Point Control Tactics Instructor - 1984
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor- 1987
  • Instructor/Trainer in Defensive Tactics, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Impact Weapon and Side Handle Baton - 1988
  • PPCT International Training Conference - 1988
  • PPCT International Training Conference - 1990
  • PPCT Staff Instructor and Executive Board Member - 1990
  • PPCT International Training Conference - 1990
  • PPCT Instructor/Trainer International Conference - 1992
  • Staff Instructor in Spontaneous Knife Defense - 1992
  • PPCT International Training Conference - 1993
  • PPCT International Training Conference - 1994
  • Staff Instructor in Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention (SHARP) - 1994
  • Staff Instructor in Violent Patient Management (VPM) - 1994
  • PPCT International Training Conference - 1995
  • PPCT Instructor/Trainer International Conference - 1996
  • PPCT International Training Conference - 1997
  • PPCT Instructor/Trainer International Conference - 1998
  • PPCT Instructor/Trainer International Conference - 2000
  • PPCT Instructor/Trainer International Conference - 2001
  • PPCT Use of Force Human Factors International Conference -- 2003
  • PPCT Instructor/Trainer Re-certification Seminar - 2005
  • PPCT Associate Staff Instructor - 2006

American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

  • ASLET International Conference - 1988
  • ASLET International Conference - 1989
  • ASLET International Conference - 1990
  • ASLET International Conference - 1994
  • ASLET International Conference - 1995
  • ASLET East Regional Use of Force Seminar - 1997
  • ASLET International Conference - 1997
  • ASLET International Conference - 1998
  • ASLET International Conference - 1999
  • ASLET International Conference - 2000
  • ASLET International Conference - 2001
  • ASLET International Conference - 2003
  • ASLET International Conference - 2005

Smith & Wesson

  • Defensive Tactics Instructor - 1981
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor Seminar - 1984


  • Defensive Tactics Instructor, Justice System Training - 1984
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor Seminar, Justice System Training - 1986
  • Weapon Retention Instructor, James Lindell - 1987
  • Instructor Development Certification, Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Attorney's Office, Pittsburgh - 1994
  • Instructor Certification in Defensive Tactics and Arrest Procedures for Pennsylvania Act 120, Municipal Police Officers Training Council - 1994
  • Instructor Certification in Defensive Tactics, Arrest Procedures, Weapon Retention And Disarming for Deputy Sheriffs Training Council, Temple University - 1994
  • Law Enforcement Officers Instructor Certification, State of West Virginia, Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Corrections - 1995
  • Modern Warrior International Use of Force Conference - 1997