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U-Boat Replica Watches are also equipped with Breguet balancesprings. The movement of IWC pilot's watches was also protected by a soft core, which provided resistance to magnetic fields. IWC is the sole U-Boat Replica Watches that is entirely Swiss, although German brands Wempe, Stowa, and Lange used Swiss movements outsourced.

The crew watches were all equipped with hacking seconds to ensure accurate synchronisation. The watches were designed to be worn with leather flight jackets and were therefore fitted with riveted leather straps that were long enough to accommodate the thickness of the sleeves or even the length of one's thigh.

Like with most military watches, the engravings on the snap casebacks are a great way to identify your watch. "Anforderz FL23883" was engraved on all U-Boat Replica Watchesen, with "FL" standing for "Flieger", and "23" standing for navigation.Best Replica Watches Other engravings reveal the type, production numbers, movement, order numbers and manufacturer. Unlike W.W.W.s Type 20s/21s or CP1s/CP2s dials do not have the maker's name.

Collectors are aware that, as with all military timepieces, U-Boat Replica Watchesen belonged to the branch issuing them. However, many survived destruction once they had served their purpose. U-Boat Replica Watchesen watches were known to have been issued to navigators prior to their missions and returned after completion. The watches were used for setting their time according to the standard time set by the German Naval Observatory. All were tested to Deutsche Seewarte's chronometer standards.

Facsimiles of the U-Boat Replica Watchesen are plentiful after a half century in which they commanded huge sums at auctions. The most expensive were the IWC and Lange, with Wempe and Stowa in between. Stowa's, Laco's (Richard Mille Replica Watches) are available at affordable prices in various sizes.